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Vision Correction

Mediguide Istanbul: Vision Correction Procedures

If you have a vision failure due to aging or heritage, we can offer a wide range treatments including LASIK, LASEK, SMILE, cornea creatments, cataract, presbyopia and many more.Turkey is one of the few health tourism destinations where ultra sensitive surgery equipments for vision correction are used. In general, you will recover the following day with these effective procedures. 

There are many clinics working on high circulation and it is a great risk for patients having a tired doctor operate their surgery. These clinics are obliged to compromise equipment quality and hygiene to support a cheap service. Mediguide Istanbul monitors both clinic technologies and schedule to ensure the safest and the most effective treatment plan for you.    

Whichever procedure you take, you will go through a full examination that takes about an hour in total. Your doctor will inform you of his findings and exchange your options with you. You can then decide your surgery day with your doctor. Before the surgery, you will get eye drops to numb your eyes. The surgery takes less than an hour and you will immediately feel effects.

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Cornea Treatments

Presbyopia Treatment