Procedures in Mediguide Istanbul


Mediguide Istanbul Plastic Surgery: Rhinoplasty Procedures

Our nose forms a third of our face and is an important element of how people perceive our look. There is a perfect nose for each individual but never the same. There are accepted ratios which may serve for an optimum solution but what you want and how you feel is the most important criteria. The nose bridge is expected to form a 45°angle with the nose tip while it should be about 135° with the forehead. There is a slide deviation for men on these angles, being relatively less compared to women. Finally, there should be a 90° to 100° angle between the lips and the nose, which may differ again for men and women and per individual. As an example, some women shine better with an extra angle of 5° to 10° and the same applies for men looking for a more feminin form.

What to do Before Surgery

What to do After Surgery

Alar Reduction

Tip Correction

Upturned Nose Correction

Downward Pointing Tip Correction

Blunt or Bulbous Tip Correction

Humped Nose Bridge Correction

Wide Nose Bridge Correction

Deviated Bridge Correction

Bridge Augmentation

Revision Rhinoplasty

Men's Rhinoplasty


Mediguide Istanbul Plastic Surgery: Eye Surgery Procedures

The eyes are the key aspects of how your visage is perceived by others. Even if beauty is percepted in its own subjectivity, a golden ratio still exists for eye width in the literature accepting a variance between between 31 to 35 mm for people having average proportions of height and weight. It is harmonically acceptable to have inner eye corners projecting perpendicularly on nose alars while the outer corners meet the latter with a straight diagonal line. The outer corners should be slightly elevated compared to inner corners, a precise angle can be commented for each individual based on their other facial features. A general sense is that bigger eyes are prettier so procedures (suchs as double eyelid or ptosis correction surgeries) which increase the white area and iris width of the eye are quite effective. Depending on your consultation with our doctor, you can also opt for additional procedures to ensure smooth skin on upper and lower eyes area, remove bags and droopings to ensure a younger and healthier look.

What to do Before Surgery

What to do After Surgery

Double Eyelids Surgery

Upper Blepharoplasty

Lower Blepharoplasty


Lateral Canthoplasty

Ptosis Surgery

Under Eye Grafting and Fat Repositioning

Love Band Surgery

Brow Lifting

Eye Revision Surgeries

Face Contouring

Mediguide Istanbul Plastic Surgery: Jaw and Face Procedures

This is the type of surgery if you would like to improve the harmony of your facial features. We provide various contouring procedures that you can choose from except for nose and eyes related surgeries which aren't in the scope of face contouring but rather in separate corresponding treatment that you can find in our website. 

Chin, forehead, jaw and cheek procedures are the most common. We have a lot of patients who would like a cheekbone (zygoma) reduction, mandible (square jaw) reduction and chin alternation (such as implant, shaving or genioplasty). Another popular option is fat grafting to prevent depressions under the eyes, on the forehead and around the mouth lines which provides a young and fresh look on desired areas. There are also procedures which can take longer recovery times like the V-line procedure that we implement to improve jaw, cheek and chin visuals. Whatever your choice is, Mediguide Istanbul is looking forward to your contact to decide together the best treatment for you over a free consultation.

What to do Before Surgery

What to do After Surgery

V-Line Surgery (Jaw, Chin and Cheeks)

Mandible Reduction

Protruding Jaw Reduction

Chin Recession Recovery via Implant

Chin Advancement

Chin Shaving

Cheekbone Reduction

Forehead Augmentation

Face Asymmetry

Fat Grafting

Facial Liposuction

Face Lifting

Mediguide Istanbul Plastic Surgery: Face Lifting Procedures

We are born, we grow and we get older; that is how our lives have worked so far since the beginning. We tried to control our aging with various traditional methods but for the first time in our history, we are reliable able to control how we age. Today, face lifting surgery is the most efficient way of rejuvenating the traces of our years. Many patients are astonished by the outcome of neck lifting, face lifting, skin removal and fat removal or injection. For patients looking for minimal invasive procedures, there are also filler, thread lifting and botulinum toxin treatment options. Following you contcat with us, Mediguide Istanbul doctors will advise you on the best procedures to pick for your case.

What to do Before Surgery

What to do After Surgery

Rhytidoplasty (Face Lift)

Mini-Face Lifting

Full Face Lifting

Neck Lifting

Fat Injection

Loose Skin Removal

Body Contouring

Mediguide Istanbul Plastic Surgery: Body Contouring Procedures

Either you have lost a lot of weight or you stack a lot of fat on specific areas that you can't lose due to a genetic cause, body contouring procedures can help to remove loose skin and excess fat in multiple areas such as thighs, calves, chest, belly and upper arms. We have a lot of patients having regular exercising habits but still requires our services to obtain the body shape they require. We receive most of the demands for , loose skin removal, liposuction and laser lipolysis, tummy tuck, legs curving, thigh, arm and brazillian butt lifting procedures.

What to do Before Surgery

What to do After Surgery

Liposuction and Laser Lipolysis

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Mummy Makeover

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brachioplasty (Arm Lifting)

Calf Enhancement and Reduction


Mediguide Istanbul Plastic Surgery: Mammoplasty Procedures

Breast is a symbol of human's nature. Each person has a different ideal size and shape, marking their character, image, confidence, attraction and silhouette. It effects how you carry your dress and how you plant you first impression in your conversations. In Mediguide Istanbul, mammoplasty surgeries are the most demanded operations by our patients all around the world.   

Patients looking for an ideal size can have their breasts enlarged or reduced. If you have loose breasts, they can be lifted. Other most common procedures are breast reconstruction (rebuild or repair), assymetry and gynecomasty for men (reduction).

You will be advised by our doctors for all changes that you seek: correct size, projection, silicone choice, silicone insertion method, incision method all tailored for your case and desires. 

Breast surgeries are very complex operations requiring a great experience and academic dedication. We receive multiple patients every year for revision surgery due to the fact they weren't satisfied with their previous operation. Different from most of the low cost service providers, Mediguide Istanbul only works with top line doctors having a vast academic background and experience. The silicone implants we use for the surgeries are picked from a top quality range.

What to do Before Surgery

What to do After Surgery

Breast Enlargement

Breast Reduction

Mastopexy (Breast Lifting)

Tuberous (Constricted) Breasts

Areola and Nipple Reduction

Breast Asymmetry

Breast Reconstruction

Gynecomasty for Men

Minimal Invasive Procedures

Mediguide Istanbul Plastic Surgery: Minimal Invasive Procedures

Whether you aren't qualified for a standard plastic surgery procedure or simply wouldn't like to take one, you still have the option to pick any of the minimal invasive procedures in Mediguide Istanbul. Our patients often couple one or two of these procedures along with the main purpose surgery for which they travel to Istanbul. If you prefer a neurotoxin treatment, thread lifting, dermal fillers, PRP therapy or laser tightening, Mediguide can fix any additional procedure during your stay.



What to do Before Surgery

What to do After Surgery

Neuro Toxin Treatment (Botulinum Toxin A)

Dermal fillers

Thread Lifting

Laser Tightening

Stem Cell Therapy (PRP)