Mediguide Istanbul

Legal Note

Below information is a wrap-up of current health tourism regulations and the general way of how health tourism works in Turkey.

Medical Tourism Company

Mediguide Istanbul is a legal medical tourism entity located in Adalet Mahallesi Manas Bulvari Folkart Towers Blok No: 47B Ic Kapi No: 2601 35530 Bayrakli Izmir Turkey. It provides medical tourism services to patients in accordance with its legal purpose


Privacy Policy

Mediguide Istanbul respects the privacy of its customers and website users. We only ask for relevant information to provide our base services. Consultation services require your phone number and e-mail address. For airport pick-up, accommodation and procedure booking, we will need your full name, photo, past medical examinations and other personal information asked by the clinic that will carry out your procedure. We commit to the safekeeping of your personal information and take necessary precautions to keep our informational systems under protection. We don’t share nor sell any data to the third parties except for what we need to communicate to the clinics where you will have your surgery. We keep your data in our systems to refer for future procedures. If you don’t want us to do so, we can remove all the information from our database following your written request by mail to consult@mediguideistanbul.com

Payment Policy

As a general rule, all payments related to your procedure should be completed before the surgery starts. Deposits are applied as 10% of total booked procedure costs and it can be paid via bank transfer. Treatment fee can be paid via bank transfer before arrival or by cash/credit card in the clinic before the surgery. The sender should cover all transaction fees and make sure that the clinic receives full payment. Most of the banks have security limits for large transactions so in case of paying by credit card, you need to get in touch with your bank to increase your spending limit before your arrival and complete the payment before the surgery

Refund Policy

As deposits are laid to book your dates, they are non-refundable after you decide on your treatment date. We specifically reserve your date and time and we allow a limited number of surgeries per day to ensure a complete care dedicated to our patients. Any cancellation will financially impact the clinics because it is a cost for them to reserve the doctors’ time, nurses’ time and the medical equipment. When the clinic receives your deposit, they know that you will present at the given time for the treatment you booked for. However, if you postpone your treatment 15 days before the procedure date due to a reason that you can’t control, clinics will have enough time to allocate the time slot for another patient and you won’t be charged for another deposit fee to book a new date. Different clinics apply different refund policies related to deposits so you will be informed beforehand in case of any deviations.

After your surgery starts, no refund will be commissioned by the clinics. Before taking your treatment, the standard policy is that you need to sign a waiver that releases the clinic from any liabilities and you can’t ask for a refund of the treatment cost or any personal expenses related to your treatment due to dissatisfaction. That is why Mediguide Istanbul only works with top clinics so that you don’t experience any complications.