How It Works?

Before you arrive

Mediguide ıstnabul: What you need to do before arriving

In order to evade any risks related to your porcedure, finding the most qualified doctor is the outmost important part of your experience. Mediguide Istanbul has access to the best hospitals, clinics and medical staff in Turkey to provide the best results for you. We dense our geography in Istanbul because generally the most competent doctors operate there but we can propose other cities like Ankara, İzmir or Antalya depending on your case and desire as well. We will continously be in touch with you and help you decide which agenda suits you more. We generally consult our patients through e-mail but you can reach us via phone call, Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook. 

Before your arrival, we will make sure that you are well qualified for the surgery you would like to take by reviewing your past examinations. We will inform you all the elements you need to know before you get on the plane.


When you arrive

Mediguide ıstnabul: What will happen after you arrive

While it is possible for you to travel fast and safely from the airport to your accomodation, Mediguide Istanbul offers a luxury pick-up service for our patients coming from abroad.  Whenever you require a translation, we will always be a phone call away from you. This is your moment so we want you to travel around easily and comfortably. 

We provide accomodation for our patients through luxury hotel partners. Mediguide Istanbul negotiates special rates with the hotels using our patient circulation and propose competitive but quality rooms for your comfort before the operation. These partners are close to our clinics so you won't spend a lot of time around. If you choose to do so, you can reserve your accomodation as well.

When to pay

Mediguide ıstnabul: How you will pay for the treatments

All clinics in Turkey require a deposit to be laid before booking the surgery date. The deposit rate is about 10% of total procedure fee and it can differ for each clinic. You can still proceed without a deposit payment but you don't recieve a guarantee for your desired date. Medguide Istanbul only works with the top clinics and they tend to bu full almost any season of the year so we recommend to book your dates in advance. When you choose your procedure and dates, we will communicate account details for the bank transfer. You can pay the rest of the balance anytime before the surgery day either by bank transfer or cash.